20 Random kitchen products you had no idea you would need/want!

I’m a bit quirky.  I like unique things that’s for sure.  My kitchen is no exception, I strive to find the funnest and funkiest kitchen gadgets around.  I’m going to share with you my top 20 adorably fabulous kitchen gadgets that put the FUN in functional!  You just might want to add them to your kitchen collection too!

Spiffy Units of measure:


These items aren’t just cute, they’re super functional too!

1. Mason Jar Measuring Cups


I snagged this little bit of stacking measuring cup awesomeness at World Market

You can find them here:


2. Flower Pot measuring spoons


My sister in law got me these cuties last year for Christmas from Modcloth.com.  They’re out of stock now but I managed to find them elsewhere for ya here:


3. Tiny measuring cup


Sometimes, measuring out the perfect amount of liquids can get tricky in the measuring spoons especially when transferring from one counter to another.  For such instances there’s this little guy.  I got it at World Market as well.  They only sell them online in sets of 3 but you can get them individually in stores like I did.


Cool fruit gadgets: 


4.  Awesome apple slicer


just line up your core with the center hole and shimmy down to slice and core your apple.  Push the bottom part up and it  will push all your slices up without slicing your hand.  I got this particular one at bed bath and beyond last year.  I don’t see it on their website now but they do have it on amazon.com.  I see similar products at all major retailers though 🙂


5. Bodacious banana slicer


This mellow yellow dude comes out to play quite often in our kitchen.  Yes you can just take a butter knife to your banana but this is so much better!  Just slide your banana through and squeeze and you quickly have perfectly even slices to top your waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, and other goodies!


6. Super awesome strawberry pitter


When I saw my best friend using this little baby to make cheesecake stuffed strawberries (yes, they’re as delicious as they sound) for my baby shower several years ago, I knew I had to have one too!  My sweet bestie grabbed one for me and surprised me with it and we’ve been using it religiously ever since!  You can find it on amazon and most major retailers.


7.  Amazing avocado slicer


Ugh, it’s so tough to get all your green goodness out of the avocado and slice it evenly.  I always squish it and it doesn’t go well but with this little baby, that’s no longer an issue!  Maybe my OCD side just likes the even little slices!  lol


8. Veggie Spiralizer


Watching your carb intake or just want to make your veggies pretty?  This little baby is just the thing for you!  I love to make “noodles” from zucchini and squash when I’m trying to go easy on the carbs.  I make spaghetti for the girls and then whip up a low cal version for myself!  Delicious and nutritious!


9. Say Cheese slicer


How cute is this little cheese slicer?!?!?!  I fell madly in love with it at a local gift shop and just had to have it!  You can get yourself one on amazon!


10. Picture perfect kitchen timer


If you have to time something in the kitchen, you may as well do it with a cute timer!  Just sayin’!  I picked up this adorable camera lens timer at World Market over the weekend and it’s so cute I had to share!


11. Magnetic Salad tongs/servers


I can’t remember where I actually purchased these but they’re pretty stinking awesome!  They’re magnetic so you can toss your bowl of salad and then stick them together to easily serve said salad!  Plus, they are much easier to store when separate!  Double win!  Here they are on Amazon:


12. Popsicle making magic


I’m 75% sure I got these at dollar tree a few years back but you can obviously find similar products anywhere.  Keep an eye out for the kind with the little straw attachment on the end.  My girls love to make fresh fruit pops in the summer and as they start to melt, they can drink the juice from the little straw on the end instead of it running down their cute little hands!  These are pretty close on amazon:


13. Mini condiments


These little cuties also came from World Market.  They’re so great for lunch boxes and picnics even when you don’t want to pack an entire bottle of ketchup but need just a little squirt.


14. Homemade ice cream container


The girls LOVE to make banana ice cream.  You know, the kind where you freeze bananas, add a dash of peanut butter, cocoa powder, and milk and blend.  Yummy and not nearly as terrible for you as regular ice cream plus super fun to make! Anyway, we used to put it in tupperware to store in the freezer but this little beauty is so much cuter!  I stumbled upon this one at TJ Maxx but as you would guess, you can find them on amazon.  I in fact will be ordering a few more in the very near future!  They even have smaller individual sizes!


15. Moped pizza slicer


Don’t you hate when you use the pizza slicer and you have to go over it a couple of times because it didn’t cut all the way to the bottom?  This little guy takes care of it in one swipe with dual blades!  Plus, it’s much funner to “drive” over your pizza than it is to just merely slice it right?  I got this one at Garden Ridge last year but of course you can get yours on Amazon!


16. Pink piggy egg ring


My hubby likes his eggs over easy.  YUCK!  lol  This little piggy makes it much easier for me to keep them in check.  Without it, The egg seems to go everywhere in my pan and it’s not pretty.  Maybe that’s just me!  It’s also great for breakfast sandwiches and we love those!


Fun with baking:

17. Batter finger spatula


you stick your finger in the batter and lick it sometimes don’t ya.  Admit it!  This nifty little spatula is great for mixing up your favorite muffin mix and then licking the remnants off without sticking your dirty little sausages in the bowl!


18.  Speaking of muffin mixing…


These jeans make your muffin top actually look good!  hahahahaha  Excuse the dish soap residue on them.  They need a good rinsing it seems!


19. Killer cookie stamps


Why should the kids have all the fun with the cookie stampers and shapes?!?!?!  This interchangeable cookie stamp set is super fun for the adult crowd.  Deliciously funny sugar cookies coming right up!


20. I mustache you a question about your lunch


Kids hate the bread crust.  Why?  I don’t get it.  Even I wanted my ends cut off as a child but now can eat them right up!  Mind over matter I suppose…  Anyhow, why not cut the ends off and add a little fun to that plain ole sandwich with this mustache sandwich cutter also by Fred & Friends.  Who says you shouldn’t play with your food?  NOT this mama!



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