Nice to meet you!


Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!  As you may have guessed, I’m the Dysfunctional Domestic Diva but believe it or not, before I got all domesticated and dysfunctional, I had an actual name too!  My parents (who are pretty awesome by the way) named me Lorianne when I was born 20 (give or take 12) years ago.  But you can call me Lori, Diva, Short Girl, Mom, or even “Hey YOU!”!  You can call me anything you want really just don’t call me late for dessert!  Da Da Da Chhhhhh  (punch line drums).  You’ll get to know me pretty well if you stick around but here’s the cliff notes version.  I’m a wife to one super hardworking handsome dude and a mommy to the 3 most beautiful, intelligent, funny, kind girls I know.  I’m a Texas girl through and through.  I love Jesus but I drink a little. I love to craft, cook, bake, read, write, and dream. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.  I’ve been in the photography business for about 6 years now and I’m still learning a little more everyday.  I’ve recently rebranded and relaunched my business!  Find me on Facebook and instagram: “Lori Latch Photography”.   I’ve got 1 older brother and 1 older sister and I’m the baby.  Which pretty much makes me the most awesome of the three because you always save the best for last.   I kid, I kid.  My siblings are intelligent and successful and most importantly gave me the 4 most gorgeous nieces to love on so they’re okay in my book!   I’m anything but “normal” and I’m okay with that.  Normal is boring and I my friends am a far cry from boring! I like to think out of the box because the box makes me claustrophobic!  If you would like to contact me for a product review, recipe,  or just to give me a virtual high five please do!  Would love to hear from you!



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