Someone got a big girl bed!

When we moved to our new home in December, we toyed with the idea of not moving A’s crib at all and moving her straight to a toddler bed since she had just turned 2.  I felt with the new surroundings and having stairs for the first time, I didn’t want her to experience a sensory overload so, we decided to wait until we were well settled in.  Over the last month or so I had been looking online   for the perfect bed and was really having commitment issues!  Surprise, surprise!  I found several on the ikea website that I liked but it was so hard to decide without seeing them in person.  Her room has an ice cream shop theme so I wanted a cute little bed that would work with that but be versatile in case I decided to change themes on a whim.  A friend who was also shopping for a toddler bed had told me that the Ikea beds were oddly shaped and thus normal bedding would not work, you would be restricted to their bedding so I had to see how big of a difference the sizing was and if it was a problem easily rectified.  I had finally decided on the OVERE bed with canopy so my mom and I decided to make the drive to Frisco to check it out in person last Saturday.  It was so super cute but we were going to have to change the colors of the flags for the canopy and in the end I thought we might like a bigger bed.

You can find the OVERE bed here:

The mattress size appeared to be that of a standard twin mattress if not a hair smaller.  I honestly think normal twin bedding would fit it alright but you’ll have to check the dimensions on the website and compare with another manufacturer if you’re considering it.

We fell in love with the Minnen bed which isn’t available online apparently but you can always google it!  It reminded us of an old fashioned wrought iron bed that was perfect for our ice cream shop theme!  We chose it in black but it’s also averrable in white. The frame itself is adjustable and so is the mattress.  I wondered how this would be accomplished initially but it’s a pretty neat little system!  The mattress is the width of a twin sized bed because the twin sheets fit perfectly that way.  At it’s smallest size, it is about the length of a crib mattress.  I used her crib mattress to show you the difference in size here:



To extend the bed, you simply remove the bolts and slide the frame out and then replace the bolts.  The mattress has 2 extender pieces that almost look like pillows.  One for the head and one for the foot so when you’re ready to add on you just add one piece at a time.  I figure I will add on next year and then again the next.


this is one of the the mattress extender pieces.  When all 3 pieces are assembled, it is about the size of an extra long twin.  Think your old dorm room bed!  lol

I bought regular twin size sheets rather than purchasing from ikea because their selection left something to be desired.  I found 2 fabulous sets at Ross for $10 each!  I was super excited because they matched the ice cream treat printed comforter that my mother had made her when she was born perfectly!  One was a polka dot print that reminded me of sprinkles and the other was a coordinating stripe print of the same brand.  My intentions were to alter the sheet to fit but it really only needed a little tucking at the foot and it worked well without moving so I decided to let them be.  I used the flat sheet to cover one of the mattress extenders to fit at the head of the bed so the little darling wouldn’t whack her head on the metal frame behind her.  Again, I intended to sew this to fit but I just wrapped it on snuggly and secured the edges with rubber bands.  Really, I just wanted to see what it would look like before I got to cutting but it looked so cute like a big piece of candy or something so Mom and i decided it should stay that way.  I’m going to tie some bows for extra cuteness.  Then when she gets older and no longer needs the bumper, she can still use the flat sheet as intended since it hasn’t been cut.


I’ve tucked the other part of the mattress securely in a plastic bag for protection on the top of her closet.  Today, I’m going to go hunt for a fabulous tiny nightstand to put the ice cream lamp I ordered her on next to her bed.


It should arrive in the next day or so from one of my favorite websites of random home decor ever:

Ice Cream Cone

The first night she got out of bed once and then slept soundly till morning and has slept in it without incident since.  She loves her big girl bed and I can’t wait to finally get her room finished in this house!  More pictures of her room to come once I get it all settled once and for all!  For now, I’ll leave you to enjoy her cute bed and her extra cute face!







Overall, the bed was easily enough assembled (I think so anyway, I was more so supervising as my dad assembled it!  lol).  It is sturdy and adorable and my little sure enjoys it so far!  I like that it’ll last her a little longer too.  Don’t forget you need TWIN size slats if you are purchasing this bed at ikea.  I accidentally grabbed the wrong kind and dad have to have wood cut for the bottom for me!  Ooops.  Thanks Daddy!


Using your “doll eyes”

With 3 American Girl Doll obsessed little darlings under one roof, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of doll sized treasures over the years. People are always asking me where I have found such and such doll accessory and the answer is easy (or difficult depending on how you look at it!). I use my doll eyes everywhere I go. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means when I’m out and about at any old store I try and see things from a dolls eye view. If you look around you, I guarantee you can find an ordinary every day item that can be something extraordinary for your little darling’s doll collection. American Girl has some great products don’t get me wrong but they don’t have everything a doll could possibly need right? It’s pretty pricey too if we’re being honest. I’m going to show you a few inexpensive goodies that weren’t intended for dolls originally but work out pretty stinkin’ well anyway!

We don’t have a problem or anything though, don’t worry. Really, we can quit any time we want! Hahaha


Like baseball games? We sure do! Last summer at our hometown baseball stadium the girls asked for ice cream in the signature baseball helmet bowls. You know, every stadium has them, they’re a baseball staple snack! I saw it immediately, once the ice cream was gobbled up and the bowl was washed, it was a perfect dolly souvenir!



Oh chuck-e-cheese, how every parent loathes thee. A necessary evil of parenthood! Several weeks ago, daddy decided to treat the girls to a special daddy daughter outting to indulge in nasty pizza and germ infested arcade games! The girls used some of their ticket winnings to score this perfectly functional doll sized whoopie cushion. They get a kick out of having their dolls play tricks on one another. I’m told party city sells these by the package and I’m sure other party supply stores do as well so no trip to see the giant rat is required!



I’m sure you’ve figured out that jewelry boxes make terrific doll sized dressers and nightstands already but did you notice votive holders make great doll trashcans? Perfect size! Pretty sure I got this in the dollar spot at target last year!



The fun finds section of michaels is ALWAYS a great place to look for doll goodies. They currently have these tiny tin my little pony lunch boxes. I don’t know what they are really for
but I know what were using them for! Lol



While perusing Garden Ridge recently, I stumbled upon these little sugar/sweet n low caddies in the kitchen goods area and saw instant doll potential. They were around $3 each and my girls were so excited when I brought them home!



Moseyed on over to dollar tree today to stock up on candy for our media room concession stand and the girls wanted to check out junky toys on out way out. We found these cute little mini tea sets that couldn’t be any more perfect for dolls! We grabbed a couple because for $1 each you can afford to buy spares!



While at dollar tree, we also stumbled upon these doll sized glow in the dark lamps. No batteries or plugs required! Just let them absorb some light and they glow! I tried to capture a glowy picture but I’m not sure you can see it well enough…

The moral of the story kids is that there are doll sized goods at every turn, you’ve just gotta use your “doll eyes” to find them!>

Super scrumptious sangria

So a few months ago, I was a little grumpy cruising through HEB gathering food for the family when a really irritating voice came over the loud speaker. This woman was just too darn chipper about rotisserie chicken. You know how when you’re in a bad mood and people are extra happy you kinda want to slap them? No, am I the only one who feels that way? Hahahaha I digress. Anywho, a few moments later, I ran into said chipper rotisserie pusher and just when I was about to snack her she asked if I would like a sample. I like rotisserie chicken as much as the next guy but this my friends was not a rotisserie chicken day, this was a day for booze! So imagine my sheer glee when she holds up a tiny little shot glass type sample cup and said “I’ve got sangria”. I wanted to hug her! I took the tiny teaser cup and tasted the yummy sweet yet kinda tangy fruit juicy deliciousness and then quickly began to stockpile all the necessary supplies to go home and indulge in a full glass. Or two. Or 5 but whose counting?!?!? Of course I added a few twists from the original because well, have you
met me?!?!? I don’t do things the easy way! Needless to say I’ve been making it for family and visiting friends weekly since and it’s such a huge hit so I thought I should share it with you lovely people!
Gather the goods:
You’ll need:
– a bottle of moscato (or two or three if it’s been a rough week)
– frozen fruit of your choice. Heb lady used just a generic mixed fruit bag but I buy individual bags of pineapple, peaches, and strawberries because some of the fruit in the mixed fruit bag tasted dreadful when I ate it afterwards. I’m not saying my way is better, but well, it is! 😉
– lemon, lime, mandarin orange (like a cutie or halo). This is again an add on that heb lady did not use.
– 1 bottle of Italian soda in flavor of your choice. I actually use 2 different flavors for an extra kick of deliciousness but that’s me.

I like to wash my citrus fruits with soap and then slice them. I also cut up my frozen fruit into smaller bites but this is totally an un-necessary step if you want to skip it. I just find it easier to eat in the end.


I then put it in ziplock bags and freeze it if I’m preparing in advance. I keep these babies on hand all the time in case I just want one glass.


Meanwhile, grab your wine and soda and of course a fabulous diva-caliber wine glass!



Put your fruit in then fill about halfway with wine. Fill the other half with soda or alternating sodas. I use this lovely berry kind as well as a blood orange. The original only called for the orange kind. I’ve also tried pomegranate which is pretty tasty too!


Now enjoy! Cheers!>