Using your “doll eyes”

With 3 American Girl Doll obsessed little darlings under one roof, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of doll sized treasures over the years. People are always asking me where I have found such and such doll accessory and the answer is easy (or difficult depending on how you look at it!). I use my doll eyes everywhere I go. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means when I’m out and about at any old store I try and see things from a dolls eye view. If you look around you, I guarantee you can find an ordinary every day item that can be something extraordinary for your little darling’s doll collection. American Girl has some great products don’t get me wrong but they don’t have everything a doll could possibly need right? It’s pretty pricey too if we’re being honest. I’m going to show you a few inexpensive goodies that weren’t intended for dolls originally but work out pretty stinkin’ well anyway!

We don’t have a problem or anything though, don’t worry. Really, we can quit any time we want! Hahaha


Like baseball games? We sure do! Last summer at our hometown baseball stadium the girls asked for ice cream in the signature baseball helmet bowls. You know, every stadium has them, they’re a baseball staple snack! I saw it immediately, once the ice cream was gobbled up and the bowl was washed, it was a perfect dolly souvenir!



Oh chuck-e-cheese, how every parent loathes thee. A necessary evil of parenthood! Several weeks ago, daddy decided to treat the girls to a special daddy daughter outting to indulge in nasty pizza and germ infested arcade games! The girls used some of their ticket winnings to score this perfectly functional doll sized whoopie cushion. They get a kick out of having their dolls play tricks on one another. I’m told party city sells these by the package and I’m sure other party supply stores do as well so no trip to see the giant rat is required!



I’m sure you’ve figured out that jewelry boxes make terrific doll sized dressers and nightstands already but did you notice votive holders make great doll trashcans? Perfect size! Pretty sure I got this in the dollar spot at target last year!



The fun finds section of michaels is ALWAYS a great place to look for doll goodies. They currently have these tiny tin my little pony lunch boxes. I don’t know what they are really for
but I know what were using them for! Lol



While perusing Garden Ridge recently, I stumbled upon these little sugar/sweet n low caddies in the kitchen goods area and saw instant doll potential. They were around $3 each and my girls were so excited when I brought them home!



Moseyed on over to dollar tree today to stock up on candy for our media room concession stand and the girls wanted to check out junky toys on out way out. We found these cute little mini tea sets that couldn’t be any more perfect for dolls! We grabbed a couple because for $1 each you can afford to buy spares!



While at dollar tree, we also stumbled upon these doll sized glow in the dark lamps. No batteries or plugs required! Just let them absorb some light and they glow! I tried to capture a glowy picture but I’m not sure you can see it well enough…

The moral of the story kids is that there are doll sized goods at every turn, you’ve just gotta use your “doll eyes” to find them!>


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