Michael’s, a dolls favorite store?

As I previously mentioned, I have 3 daughters. Ages (almost) 9, 4, & 20 months. All three of them love their American Girl dolls. We have quite a few in our home and as their collection began to overwhelm their bedrooms, I talked Dave into building them a 6 foot tall American Girl Doll house! Naturally, the girls and I took to decorating it immediately! Several people who stop by and see our stash want to know where on earth we find such cute doll sized decor. We often buy things on etsy or eBay and much of their accessories are genuine AG products but we also keep our eyes out everywhere we go for ordinary items that can become extraordinary doll items! I wanted to share with you some of our favorite recent finds at our local Michael’s craft store. I hope your doll lover will enjoy them as much as as my girls do!

We found this pack of 4 colorful ceramic bowls down the bargain aisle and perfectly sized!

We found this tiny alarm clock with some school supplies. The clock really works as does the alarm! Looks perfect on a dolls nightstand.

This tiny 2014 calendar was also in the bargain section. It’s actually a keychain but i plan to remove the hook. Going to be a cute little stocking stuffer for my oldest to go in her doll’s room!

This tiny frame is the perfect doll sized decoration. They have a variety of colors and they are only $1.50/each!

This plastic “jar” had cute colorful binder clips in it. I kept the clips and have the container to the girls. Looks great in their doll kitchen! The lemons inside we made from clay-tutorial on that soon! 😉


All of these finds cost me less than $5 and have added lotsa fun to the girls doll house!


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